Passport renewal experience at Bangalore marathalli PSK

I am writing here my experiences with the passport office in Bangalore. Before applying for the reissue of passport i searched on internet about the process and details related to this. I got lots of useful information that helped me. So now I thought let me share my experience so that ppl will get this useful information which is rarely available on passport websites. There are many things / information that are not available on passport website.

I had to reissue my passport because of changes in personal details changes. I had to change my address to current address in bangalore,need to remove ECR, Need to add spouse name.

Below are the steps which one must follow :

1. Create login ID at passport website and fill all the details required and submit the form. Now next step is to get the online appointment that is very crucial as the slots gets over within 10-15 minutes.

2. Before taking the online appointment make sure you have prepared/arranged all your documents like bank statement(if giving), any annexture, any affidavit because the appointments are now open 1 day before, so if you get the appointment for the next day you have to go to the passport office and if any document is pending you will not have time to complete it.

3. After arranging all documents get ready to take the appointment. Bangalore appointments opens at  6 PM, so log in 15 mins before and keep doing some activity or else the you will be timed out. Exactly at 6 Pm click on manage appointment and proceed futher. Select the passport office and enter the image number displayed. After submitting this the slots will be displayed and then select the slot you prefer. Try to click on slot that are not very early like 9 AM 10 AM because many ppl will try to get that slot. The later the slot you click more is the chance to get it.

4. Now the day has come to visit the passport office with all the required documents.

5. Make sure you have 2 sets of xerox copies of all the documents. Even if you forget to take some xerox copy , xerox facilty is available at passport office but there is lot of rush there, so better get the work done before itself.

6. Reach the passport office atleast 30 minutes before and if you are late by 15 minutes, guard will not allow you to enter inside in spite of many requests. I have seen few people late by 15 mins but guard didnt allowed them to get inside.

7. Now you have to stand in a queue before 15 mins of your appointment time. Exactly at the appointed time the guard will allow you to get inside the office. But make sure you have the appointment print with you with date and time mentioned on top of it. Else you will not be allowed to enter.

8. After entering into office you have to stand in a queue for the document verification. These are TCS employee who checks your documents and sees if all the required documents are present or not and arrange them in an order and create a file out of it. Also they will give you a token number using that you have to proceed into the waiting room.

9 Now you have to enter the waiting room and wait for your turn. The token number will be displayed on big LCD screens. Once your token is displayed on screen you have to go to that counter. These counters are the ‘A’ counter with TCS person employed . Here the person will check your documents and scan them . Then he will get your thumb and finger prints of both hand. Then he will take your photograph. Also he will show you your online form that you have filled and if you want any changes to be done you can tell him . Finally we have to pay him the passport fee. He will then give the payment receipt and tell you to got to B counter.

10 B counter is the place where the passport officer sits  and will verify your original documents. We have to wait for atleast 20-30 mins here because there are only 9-10 verifying officers. Once B counter processing is done you have to go to C counter.

11 C counter, where the granting officer sits and will grant you the passport. Again the waiting period is more here around 30-40 mins as only 4 granting officers are there. After completing the C counter processing you are done with all your process. But make sure you collect the acknowledgement slip from the exit gate before leaving.

Now the waiting period starts to get the passport. I came to know that in bangalore  generally we get the passport in 15 days but I thought it may take more than that . But I was wrong .  I got my passport exactly after 15 days.

I got the appointment for 24th august 2012 and then got the call from police station for verification on 5th august 2012 and then finally got my passport on 9th august 2012. 🙂

For police verification the constable called me to come to police station with 2 sets of xerox of address proof, old passport, 2 photos  and 2 reference letter from the neighbour. I went there with all the docs and get the process done. After three days my online status got updated, that your passport is delivered via speedpost. 🙂

Also note that if you are giving bank address as address proof, get a covering letter also from the branch. And also all your bank statement pages should have bank seal and signature. I saw one officer didnt approve a passport because there was no covering letter and bank seal on the statement.

  1. Joe said:

    Hi Sandeep

    Thanks for the detailed procedure. Could you please tell whether they would

    1. accept a company HR letter as an address proof
    2. If my name is already added in my wife’s passport as “husband”, can i use a gas connection under my name in the same address as address proof.


    • 1. No Company HR letter is not accepted as address proof.
      2. You can use the gas connection if its in your name. But you have to show two gas bills, one recent and another 1 year old along with the gas connection receipt. All these 3 things should be of same address.

      • Joe said:

        Hi Sandeep

        Thanks for the clarification. So if i can use gas connection under my name as address proof for my wife, can i use the address in my passport also as an address proof for her.

        Though i moved into this house in Bangalore almost 1.5 years back, the gas connection is only 10 months old.


      • You cant use gas connection under your name as proof of address for your wife. But your passport can be used as proof of address for your wife provided you have marriage certificate.

        Gas connection should be 1 year old.

  2. AK said:

    I am staying in Bangalore for last 18 months(From May 2012).
    I want to get passport for my Wife and daughter, But i was unable to arrange a one year address proof for my wife.
    So i decided to apply for reissue of passport for SPouse name addition and address change. That will enable me to use my passport as address proof for my wife.

    I applied for the reissue via online submission of the application in Tatkal quota.
    The application was accepted and i got an appointment for 26-Nov-2013, 12.30 PM at Marathalli PSK.

    I had the following documents with me
    1. The reissue application ARN.
    2. My original Passport
    3. Original Marriage Certificate
    4. Gas Connection Book
    5. Gas Cylinder bills from Jul 2012 to Nov 2013.
    6. Two Passport size photos

    I took 3 photo copies of each of the above mentioned documents.

    I reached the Marathalli PSK at 12.00.
    I was allowed to stand in the queue at 12.15.
    I was let in at 12.30.

    I stood in the Tatkal queue.
    I was asked for ARN prinout and the following photo copies
    1. Passport
    2. Gas bills and Gas Books
    3. Marriage Certificate

    On submission of these documents the Official at the counter asked me to wait till my name is called out.

    My name was called out after 15 minutes.
    The official at the counter told me that i cannot apply for the reissue in TATKAL since Police Verification was incomplete from my original passport.
    I requested to take the application in Normal Quota. The application was accepted in normal quota and i was issues a token.

    I completed the formalities at counter A, B and C and i was out of the PSK at 2.15 with Acknowledgement status “Granted”.

    A Police officer called me saying he will visit the address mentioned in the application at 10.00 am on 30-Nov-2013.
    I was told the documents that will be required on his visit.

    A Police Office arrived at my home at 10.30 am.
    I gave the following document(Photo Copies).

    1. Original Passport
    2. Gas Bills(July -2012 and Nov-2013)
    3. PAN card
    4. Adhaar Card (Not Mandatory)

    The Police official told me that the concerned Inspector who will sign the report will be available on 09-Dec-2013 since he is out of station.

    10-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “PVR report submitted to Bangalore Police Commissioner’s Office”.
    12-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Police have submitted a clear report for the address”.
    13-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printing in Progress”.
    14-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printed and will be dispatched soon”.
    18-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport A1234567 has been dispatched on 18/12/2013 via Speed Post Tracking Number AA123456789IN”.
    19-Dec-2013, I collected the Passport at my house at 2.00 pm.

  3. Shrithar said:

    Hi All, its great to see your good experiences, it is really use ful. But what about renewal, if any docs & photos etc required. And what about the name change, what docs required for such cases. Tnx, Shri

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